• Ms.Woot100

    Hi. I JUST made an account, but I have been editing this Wiki for a long time anonymously. So, um...


    Even if it's only a tiny, tiny little baby edit - just. help. Tale of Tales Wiki needs you ALL you post and edit and FIX whatever you can. Photos, videos, drawings, quotes. Anything to help a dying Wiki. You can find things to post EVERYWHERE. Tale of Tales forums, the Red Girls' LiveJournals, everywhere. Don't EVER think: "Oh, they don't need MY help...", or: "I don't need to edit it! It's only a small bit of info!". No. We DO need YOUR help. Tale of Tales make such amazing games... The Graveyard, The Path, Vanitas, you name it! Now, don't you want an amazing Wiki to go along with it? :)

    I have…

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  • LisaGarland

    Hello and welcome to the Wiki. Feel free to browse, or, better yet, stick around to make many more improvements. If you have any questions, just ask. Remember to be kind and courteous toward other users and to sign your posts on talk pages. Have fun!


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