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The Deaf-Mute Girl in a Pretty White Dress

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The Deaf-Mute Girl in a Pretty White Dress
Gender Female
Age 8
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Brown
Status {{{status}}}
Appearance 8

The Deaf-Mute Girl in a Pretty White Dress is the given title of the main character of the unfinished Tale of Tales computer game, 8. The player is able to give her instructions on what to do, however, she also has a will of her own. She is a very mysterious character with little knowledge regarding her, except that she is in need of the player's help and care. She is about 8 years old, and as her title suggests, is deaf and mute. She has been seperated from her guardian, Sheherazade and wants to go back to her. The palace is not without it's attractions for a young girl; therefore her mood is a combination of sadness and glee, in part influenced by the behavior of the player.

She also appears in The Path as the Forest girl,guiding the player out of the forest, and as the last playable character.

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